Azure Data Services

Harness the power of your data at scale, with enhanced performance and endless possibilities, using Azure data services.

Whether you’re initiating your first cloud deployment, deploying your next high value machine learning use case, or crafting your IoT framework and scenarios, Sullexis can help you quickly build your data infrastructure, data engineering muscle, data ingestion, integration, and migration processes and establish your IoT Hub.

How Sullexis Can Help 

Design and Build Data Ingestion for Analytics and Visualizations

Sullexis is well versed in the ingestion and processing of data. We can reconcile data models from many source systems and formats, generating the single source of truth necessary to develop reliable analytics and meaningful visualizations from your data.

Design and Implement Cloud Data Management

Determining where and how cloud technology fits into your existing IT infrastructure can be a daunting task. Sullexis helps design your cloud storage strategy, leveraging Azure Data Services for cost and management advantages. Our two-fold cloud implementation strategy focuses on cost reduction and minimizing time-to-value.

Combining standardized deployment strategies (CI\CD) with agile data engineering practices helps our clients adhere to budgets and proactively mitigate run-away spend.

Implement Machine Learning-Backed Analytics

AI driven analytics is the new tool in the analyst’s toolkit, enabling predictive analytics, driving pattern analysis, and employee productivity. Whether it’s a simple linear regression analysis for financial forecasts, or an advanced ensemble methodology to address complex predictive analytics problems, all AI use cases are data-driven and inherit the same problems of their descriptive predecessors. The old adage of ‘Garbage in, Garbage out’ weathers every technological advancement, and Sullexis data expertise has helped companies deliver AI-backed solutions.  

Often much of a company’s AI IP lives in a data scientist’s notebook on a laptop, presenting challenges to production readiness and scaling. Developed in a bubble, without proper engineering best practices, these valuable projects can sometimes slip through the cracks of IT management, causing support issues that eventually lead to scrapped projects and failed application hosting. Leveraging our decades of data management and engineering expertise, Sullexis has helped corporations implement well-engineered AI, focusing on the crucial, less glamorous aspects to free up client’s valuable data science expertise to focus on model development.

Application Integration and Data Migration Services

The only constant in IT is change. To remain competitive, you must continually address upgrades and integrations with new applications and data migrations. Data is the key to any system migration or integration. We are data experts with deep experience in planning, defining, and implementing data integrations and migrations.

IoT Hub Services

A central message hub for communication between devices and backend solutions is a critical piece of maximizing the value of IoT data.

Sullexis can help you establish your Azure IoT Hub, creating reliable and secure two-way communication. We extend your IoT solution from the cloud to the edge with device authentication, management, and scaled provisioning. Sullexis integrates IoT Hub with other Azure services for a complete, end-to-end connected environment around your assets and developed IoT analytics solutions.

Implement Microsoft Purview Data Catalog

As data volume and complexity grow, organizations struggle with maintaining visibility across enterprise information assets. Purview addresses this by inventorying data sets, standardizing metadata, and centralizing knowledge, enabling users to find and leverage organizational data effectively.