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Sullexis is a professional services firm that specializes in helping organizations create, manage and leverage their data.

Data Strategy

Accelerate your journey to becoming a data-driven organization by aligning your business objectives and technical capabilities to implement the right data strategy

Data Management

Manage your data throughout its lifecycle, making it a strategic asset to enable data-driven decision making to meet your business objectives.

Advanced Analytics

Convert your data into actionable insights, create foresight, and turn your organization into a fact-based decision-making powerhouse.

Microsoft Data & AI Services

Leverage the power of your data at scale, with performance and endless possibilities, using Azure data services.

Staffing Data & Analytics Experts

Great people are hard to find, especially in high-demand roles. Gain speed and reduce costs by augmenting your team with our data and analytics talent.

Customer Data Management

Get to a Single View of Customer organized how you sell to your customers with LinqIQ, a solution built by Sullexis’s sister company Linq Analytics.


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