Data Management

Manage your data throughout its lifecycle to enable data-driven decision making that meets your business objectives.

The data that drives your operations is rapidly expanding across many applications and internal solutions; and is often dispersed on-premise and in the cloud. You need a single view of key domains to gain an enterprise perspective.

How Sullexis Can Help 

Data Strategy Implementation and Data Integration

After defining your data strategy, you need to have a data management plan for effective execution. We are experienced in leading data governance, quality, and management platforms across diverse industries. Our standard methodology includes strategy & planning sessions, integration of people, processes & systems, and design & implementation phases.

Sullexis uses an iterative implementation approach that starts with a minimum viable product (MVP) release to demonstrate benefits which is then built upon in subsequent iterations.

Data Catalog Implementation

As data volume and complexity grows exponentially, organizations often struggle to comprehensively document, organize, and maintain visibility into their data assets. By inventorying data sets, standardizing metadata, and centralizing knowledge about your data landscape, we empower users to find, understand, trust, and effectively leverage organizational data.

Sullexis’ structured agile approach helps clients address the core challenges of data discoverability, transparency, and governance through best-fit data catalog solutions. Bringing robust expertise and accelerators, we can have an enterprise data catalog operational in weeks.

IoT Data Management

Sullexis works with its clients to develop and implement IoT capabilities, from data aggregation to the cloud and deploying analytics at the edge to realizing high-value use cases across your operations function.

The Sullexis IoT framework is an overarching IoT data strategy and management capability that addresses people, processes, technology, and data across four IoT pillars:

  • Edge – Real-time diagnostic data gathered from technologies, IoT devices, etc., packaged and made available to the cloud.
  • Cloud – Edge data from all locations is ingested, normalized, and prepared for use by decision support systems.
  • Analytics/AI – Ability to identify and enable high-value use cases from real-time event monitoring & alerting to predictive maintenance.
  • EAM, FSM, & ERP – High-value operational use cases are typically realized through Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, Field Services Management, and ERP Systems.

Data Migration

Sullexis has deep experience leading pre-, during, and post-migration projects. This experience results in an approach that combines practiced consultants with supporting analytics and tools that enable business engagement and provides visibility into scope, prioritization, and dependencies.

Data Quality

Sullexis can identify your current data quality challenges and implement data quality processes, systems, and dashboards to support the continual improvement of data quality sustainably. We partner with your IT and business teams to define the roles and responsibilities for data ownership and governance and will equip these business teams for their new roles as your data stewards.

EAM & CMMS Data Management

Whether implementing a CMMS for a greenfield facility or looking to optimize the data for an existing brownfield site, Sullexis can help you set up and manage your solution to improve your maintenance and reliability operation.

Building and maintaining an accurate asset hierarchy with the appropriate maintenance strategies and associated BoMs is key. Sullexis understands how to cost-effectively set up your CMMS master data to run a lean operation.