Staffing Data and Analytics Experts

Great people are hard to find, especially in high-demand roles such as data engineers and analysts. Gain speed by augmenting your team with our data and analytics talent.

We can provide high-quality data management and IT professionals to assist your team on short-term or long-term assignments, freeing your resources to focus on business-critical initiatives. Our candidates have a broad range of experience and will deliver value to your teams from day one.

How Sullexis Can Help

MSFT Azure Data Engineers

Azure roles remain one of the hardest specializations to hire. Let Sullexis speed up your search by leveraging one or more of our Azure data engineers.

Data Management Analysts

Finding the right data management talent can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if working with recruiters who don’t understand the specificity of the job. Sullexis can help augment your team with the precise expertise you need in a fraction of the time.