Gulf of Mexico Engineering Performance Dashboard at an Oil and Gas Super Major


Sullexis helped an Upstream Super Major develop a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard for integrity management engineering utilizing Microsoft Power Bi. 

  • The customer found the existing process was inflexible and could not incorporate new safety-oriented reporting requirements. 
  • The existing process for gathering and reporting the KPI’s to upper management was an inefficient use of resources:  data was moved and manipulated multiple times in Excel spreadsheets consuming significant time from five different rolls to collect and manage the data.  
  • The reporting was delivered to management as a printed PDF file with no ability to dig into details that supported the monthly performance indicators being reported.  
  • In each step of the process, the Excel processes and PDF creation were hardcoded to the existing measurements. Adding to or changing the reporting involved an immense effort in the coordination of all participants. 


  • The team developed a solution to pull  in details of all open defects and calculate forty-two KPI’son the detail-level data. 
  • Pulling the supporting detailed data into the Power BI solution, the team was able to provide drill-down capabilities to the summarized graphical visualizations. 

Key components include:

  • Tracks the performance of inspections and repairs of engineering resources on large production platforms in the Gulf.
  • Data from disparate sources were modeled into a relational table model which allowed data to be joined across sources. 
  • The system added a robust look back ability allowing management to not only see a snapshot of this month’s performance on the forty-two measurements but previous month measurement data for comparison.   


  • Management can now see trend visualizations of measurements with the ability to drill down to the supporting detail. 
  • The management reporting is now directly pulling from the source detail, eliminating two layers of excel complexity and employee intervention, freeing those resources to focus elsewhere.
  • The new solution’s added flexibility enables visualizations to handle additional data points without the rework required in the prior solution.