Global Customer ID – The Key to Unlocking the Value of Linq

While we get excited talking about our technologies like advanced grouping and matching algorithms, Linq has the most tangible impact by providing you two keys that can unlock value across your CRM and ERP instances.

Each and every Account record from your CRM and ERP instances is assigned a LinqGlobalParentID (first key) and a LinqParentID (second key) that correspond to where that Account sits in your global customer hierarchy.

The first key allows you to look at each Account within the context of all other Accounts that share the same Global Logo (ex. Pepsico). The second key allows you to look at each Account within the context of its Parent Group within that Global Logo (ex. Pepsico – North America – Commercial or Pepsico – EMEA – Government).

These IDs transcend your CRM and ERP instances since both IDs are generated and managed within Linq. Linq’s API provides an easy means for pulling the IDs and utilizing them in analytics environments and transaction systems.

In future blogs, we will talk about how the two Linq IDs can be utilized across existing systems and workflows to improve go-to-market effectiveness and efficiency.

Please make sure to check out the original post from our sister company, Linq Analytics.