Supply Chain Management Solution for a Global Oil and Gas Company

The Challenge

Enforcing supply chain compliance is critical to managing the environmental, health, and safety risks of finished goods. Procurement and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) teams must define purchasing requirements to ensure the integrity of received goods, especially in regulated industries with stringent safety standards. It is essential that trading partners honor these requirements. When these requirements are not met, the PSCM team needs to capture and manage the incidents of noncompliance.

Our client used an application known as the Non-Compliant Incident (NCI) Tracker. This application was hosted on a legacy platform scheduled for decommission within weeks. Our client needed a replacement application to track incidents of noncompliance. The organization’s IT policy stipulated that the application must be deployed to an existing Microsoft SharePoint environment with no customizations.

The Solution

Within 6 weeks, Sullexis delivered a replacement NCI Tracker application that tracked the non-compliant materials being delivered to warehouses, the time needed to resolve issues in materials, and the performance of materials after the issue had been resolved. By using SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionality, we were able to deploy the solution on existing hardware without additional license cost, meeting the organizations IT requirements. We replicated the previous application, allowing an easy transition for the users.

The Result

We were able to provide our client with a timely solution that enabled business continuity as the legacy application was decommissioned. Our configuration of SharePoint to mimic the legacy NCI Tracker application resulted in minimal business impact for users. We ensured continuity in PSCM’s enforcement of supply chain compliance.