Sullexis to Present at Software Guru Conference in Mexico City

Artemio Mendoza, Director of Technology, will be one of the presenters at the SG Conference and Expo 2014 in Mexico City on June 26th. Artemio will discuss “Considerations When Building a Solution for Master Data Management (MDM),” which addresses choosing a commercial MDM solution versus building an in-house solution and the potential problems that may arise.

Most MDM projects are based on commercial products. However, this isn’t the best answer in every situation. Over time, a company may find that what began as a single-data domain MDM solution has proliferated into multiple siloed data domains that present challenges for data analytics and data quality. Artemio will discuss the pros and cons of various options for companies that have realized they need to implement an in-house multi-data domain model. This is a challenging process, and Artemio addresses some of the common pitfalls and mistakes, such as the complexities of establishing criteria for differentiating master data from transactional data.

Artemio Mendoza has over 20 years experience in a wide range of technologies (IBM Mainframe, Microsoft, Java, Oracle, Unix, Linux, Windows, MVS, OSX, iOS) in many different business sectors, including: finance, trade, logistics, and energy. The management of corporate data is one of his primary interests, and this has translated into deep expertise in data warehousing, business intelligence, master data management, and data migration.