Sullexis Partners with Houston Non-Profit to Aid in Missing Persons Cases

In 2015, Sullexis partnered with the non-profit organization Texas Center for the Missing (TCM) to find a technical solution to aid in managing missing persons cases for the greater Houston area. The year long partnership resulted in a cloud based application for Texas Center for the Missing, built to hold data on missing persons cases, outreach, and training managed by the organization.

Aside from building an application for Texas Center for the Missing, Sullexis analyzed the locations where TCM offers education and outreach in comparison to the locations of the missing persons cases being managed. The information was used to create a heat map, providing a clear visualization of where the organization could increase efforts in education to the areas that are most at-risk.

The application Sullexis produced can be filtered, searched, exported, and directly edited and helps TCM efficiently control the resources that are used in missing persons cases. Previously working on Excel files, TCM experienced many challenges and inefficiencies in maintaining current and complete case data. The new application can be accessed through a secure site and can be edited in real time, providing accurate information at all times.

Beth Alberts, CEO of Texas Center for the Missing, said, “The application that Sullexis developed has been a huge help to our work. We now have an effective way to pull information on the cases we are working. By spending less time sifting through Excel files, we are able to shift focus onto finding and bringing home loved ones to their families.”

When asked about the work done for Texas Center for the Missing, Tim Morgan, Managing Director of Sullexis, explained, “Texas Center for the Missing is doing such important work. We wanted to find a way to make their day-to-day tasks easier. Sullexis is excited to see that the application and heat map are proving to be a valuable tool in their mission to decrease the number of missing people in the greater Houston area.”

Texas Center for the Missing (TCM) is a 501(c)(3) missing persons organization that provides education and safety programs to the Houston-Galveston Region and administers the Houston Regional Amber Alert. TCM’s mission is to bring hope and healing to the missing and their families through crisis intervention, prevention, and community education. TCM staff provides support for 100+ missing person cases annually to families and investigators.

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