Sullexis and Profisee publish a new Oil & Gas Industry Model for eProcurement

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new PIDX based eProcurement model to become part of the Profisee Oil and Gas Industry Solution for the Maestro MDM Suite.

Leveraging PIDX eProcurement standards, this Profisee Industry Solution brings master data management capabilities out-of-the-box to provide a more standardized and integrated procurement process to enable your organization to transact more efficiently.

The extensive work by Sullexis consultants in the Oil & Gas industry addressing eProcurement challenges combined with our active role in PIDX and unique position as a Profisee partner enabled us to develop this standards-based model.

The use of the Oil & Gas eProcurement model within Profisee will significantly reduce the challenges that eProcurement partners face when building and maintaining electronic catalogs, also known as PriceSheets. A centralized eProcurement Model deployed within Profisee Maestro enables your organization to develop, maintain and version catalog information exchanged with your trading partners to increase efficiency, drive compliance and support master data management.

The eProcurement model is available to all Maestro customers as part of the Oil & Gas Industry Solution.

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About Profisee

Profisee, a master data management and data quality software company based in Atlanta, offers the Maestro MDM Suite, an enterprise-grade master data management software suite designed to deliver powerful data stewardship and data quality capabilities to customers deploying multi-domain MDM solutions.

About PIDX

The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) provides a global forum for delivering the process, information and technology standards that facilitate seamless, efficient electronic business within the oil and natural gas industry and its trading community.