Marine Logistics Solution for a Global and Oil and Gas Company

The Challenge

This Oil and Gas company’s Logistics department is responsible for coordinating all vessels carrying shipments in the Gulf of Mexico to support projects, drilling, and operations activity. The lease of the vessels is very costly. Projects, drilling, and operations are dependent on timely and accurate deliveries.

Requests to the Logistics team for cargo services were exchanged via email, with no central source of request information. It is a complex task to effectively match cargo requirements to the appropriate and available vessel under lease. The department utilized many manually created reports on a daily basis to manage the intensive cargo planning and scheduling activity. Because there was no single consolidated source of cargo request information or vessel status, our client was unable to achieve timely and accurate deliveries, incurring expensive and unnecessary downtime.

The Solution

In a period of 6 weeks, Sullexis implemented a solution leveraging Microsoft SharePoint that provided a consolidated source of cargo request information and vessel status. This solution was developed using SharePoint’s out-of-the-box functionality with a short development cycle.

The solution allowed for audit traceability, flexible data management, information from a single source, embedded reporting capabilities, and short development time. Custom reports that were created in the solution allowed our client to improve their decision making process by using reliable data.

The Result

By providing a central source of information, the Logistics department was able to focus on effectively matching cargo requirements to the appropriate and available vessel under lease. Having a trusted source of information enabled more time for logistics planning and less time gathering and consolidating data from emails. The additional planning enabled them to more accurately deliver cargo to support their teams in the Gulf of Mexico, reducing the cost of downtime and delays.