Information Governance Platform for Upstream E&P

The Challenge

This global exploration and production company was in the process of implementing SAP HANA as a replacement for their multiple legacy ERP systems.

The implementation was being hindered due to a lack of standard data and data processes across the regions that would enable consistency while allowing the regions flexibility for region-specific operational activities.

An additional complication was that each region had existing business processes where the tasks and the related data were not in alignment from region to region causing duplication in effort, redundant data, and inefficient use of people and IT infrastructure resources.

The Solution

The team developed a custom Information Governance (IG) model that supported global data standards while providing flexibility for regional customizations.

The Information Governance model defined the following:

  • IG Operating model
  • IG roles and responsibilities for both SAP implementation and long term sustainment
  • Global Data Standards & Polices
  • RACI for both Business Functions & IT
  • Process Workflows
The Result

A shared data and process golden standard was implemented that exposed inefficiencies within regional activities and improvements were made that were leveraged globally and not isolated to just one region.

The client was able to roll out governed and integrated processes that resulted in higher quality of data, greater visibility into business operations, and clear escalation paths, which will allow for future operational improvements.

The client leveraged the model to define working groups for each core operational area who were then tasked with developing the data and process requirements for the global SAP Implementation.

The model is now used by the SAP team for run and maintain operations.