Informatica Data Quality Management Solution for Oil and Gas Super Major

The Challenge

Our client, a global super major, was in the process of a multi-year migration to SAP PM, enterprise-wide with 8 global regions and thousands of users. They were facing challenges with regions already live with SAP PM as well as those in the process of migrating.

Users found it difficult and manually intensive to maintain data in SAP PM.  Further, customizations to SAP data validation rules required heavy involvement with IT, making the maintenance processes (data loading and assessing) increasingly burdensome to manage as each global region comes on-line.

The process of cleansing the existing data, both in the legacy system and SAP PM, proved to be an additional challenge due to the variety of quality issues the client was trying to address through a series of manual processes and spreadsheets.

Each region had unique processes where the tasks and the related data did not align from region to region which caused duplication in effort, redundant data, and inefficient use of resources both in people and IT infrastructure.

The Solution

The team developed a self-service Informatica Intelligent Data Quality (IDQ) solution that automates data quality management of SAP PM records. The solution was immediately deployed for regions currently live in SAP PM and is being deployed to other regions as they approach SAP PM go-live.

Key components include:

  • Sullexis’ Enterprise Data Management methodology
  • IDQ’s Self-service data rules management, assessment, profiling, and quality scorecard functionality for work management objects across all global regions
  • Informatica’s PowerCenter for data loading
  • Informatica’s SAP PM direct connector
  • Cloud-based Data Lake (Hadoop source) ingests IDQ results for inclusion for broader data analysis efforts
The Result

Sullexis & Informatica helped the organization develop a business-led, self-service, automated SAP PM data quality management solution utilizing Sullexis’ Data Quality Methodology and Informatica’s IDQ solution.

  • 5 out 8 regions are live with the solution and are seeing improvements in safety, reliability, and the operational effectiveness
  • The business data owners are leveraging the self-service capabilities of IDQ thereby minimizing IT support and cost
  • Data load times that used to take several days now take just a few hours