Developer Staffing for a Global Oilfield Services Company

The Challenge

Our client needed to migrate their software product to a new technical foundation. This required a team of developers with a sophisticated and in demand skill set. Developers with the requisite skills were scarce and expensive, making it a challenge for our client to find developers to migrate their technology. Given the large scope of the project, the expected duration, and the importance to the business, our client needed help to staff the team.

The Solution

Sullexis defined a recruiting process to identify and provide highly qualified resources. Because of the scarcity of qualified developers to meet the client’s requirements, we created our own training program. We recruited individuals that had proficiency in Java and demonstrated an aptitude for learning new skills. We created a curriculum that was approved by our client to train the resources. To ensure proficiency, we administered a certification test. Our process was able to provide high quality IT experts to assist the client’s team for the full duration of the project.

The Result

We provided a fully qualified team to support our client’s product migration. This client’s product was successfully migrated from Java Swing to an Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) based solution. By implementing a creative recruiting and training strategy, Sullexis was able to meet the requirements for a staff with high demand skills. By training individuals with high aptitude and less experience, we were able to provide our client with qualified developers at a lower cost. For our client, good talent was scarce. We helped them find it.