Database Migration Project for a Leading National Wireless Carrier

The Challenge

Our client had a business-critical set of applications that were not meeting performance expectations. To compound the issue, the client was forecasting a 10x increase in the volume of transactions over the next year. An application migration was urgently needed. The client’s architecture team determined that a migration of 23 application databases from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle would resolve the performance issues. This migration would provide a robust and scalable platform for the future.

With the application strategy defined, the next challenge was how to staff the project. The client’s internal teams would lead the initiative, but they needed additional resources with the right skill sets, and they needed them quickly.

The Solution

We partnered with this client to finalize the project and resource plans. We determined the necessary skill sets of the new team members. Sullexis defined a recruiting process to find and select the new team members. Within 4 weeks, we staffed a fully functioning team of nine developers with expertise in both SQL Server and Oracle, ready to execute the application migration.

As this was a sudden addition to the team, the client did not have the office space available for these team members. Sullexis provided the office space for the team to work during the duration of the project.

The Result

Sullexis was able to respond quickly to our client’s request for staffing assistance. We provided a complete team with the right skills for an on-time project start and even provided the working space. With our help, our client was able to complete the application migration successfully with all 23 databases moved to Oracle. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.