Data Analytics Platform for Upstream Oil and Gas Lease Evaluation

The Challenge

Our client had a repeated need to quickly evaluate initial production (IP) of oil, gas, and water from recently drilled horizontal wells in a number of different geographic areas. They had been struggling to do this manually by first downloading production data from IHS and the Texas Railroad Commission (TX RRC), merging it in Excel, and then building pivot tables and charts to undertake the analysis.

Assembling the data was challenging enough, but actually identifying all the wells in the specific geographic area was proving difficult and, on many occasions, inaccurate.

The Solution

The solution leveraged the Data Tactics cloud based Big Data Engine (BDE) to build ingestion routines to IHS and TX RRC so that data could be directly imported on a monthly basis. With the data loaded into BDE, a custom application was written that displayed the Well Header data on the BDE Google Map plug-in. This application enabled the user to ‘rubber band’ an area of interest on the map, capturing all the Well Header data within the region selected. This data was then available for export to a CSV for further manipulation within Spotfire.

The Result

The automated assembly of the data meant that the most up-to-date information was available for analysis. The ‘rubber banding’ directly on the map allowed the user to specifically identify the lease area of interest, eliminating any errors in selecting those wells manually. We were able to develop analytics and visualizations to help this client gain value from their data.