Big Data Solution to Optimize Logistics for the Largest Environmental Solutions Provider in North America

The Challenge

Our client needed to optimize their logistics in order to better understand truck routes taken by the 21,000 trucks in the company’s fleet. There wasn’t a way to interpret the data coming in from GPS feeds from trucks in the field, making it difficult to understand when a vehicle was stopped or en route. There was a large volume of data that required heavy analytics.

Our client had attempted an Open-source Hadoop implementation, but the knowledge and skills required to integrate and deploy the full set of tools were proving difficult. Our client had also attempted a MapR implementation, but encountered many of the same challenges. They were battling the technology rather than the problem. Our client wanted a pre-built application to ingest, analyze, and visualize data without having to write a custom solution built on unsupported Open-source software. They needed a big data platform that was ready to deploy.

The Solution

It was faster and more cost effective for our client to buy the Big Data Engine (BDE) from Data Tactics. The Data Tactics cloud based BDE was leveraged to provide a readily available platform for data discovery and analysis. The BDE data import tools were easily configured to ingest the required data using pre built MapReduce jobs. The cloud based hosting model provided ample storage and performance of the data. Analytics were implemented using MapReduce jobs operating in near real-time, delivering visualizations that rendered in seconds.

The Result

Sullexis and Data Tactics, working with the client, were able to deploy a big data platform quickly and cost effectively that met all of the requirements to optimize and understand the client’s truck routes within a matter of weeks.