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Enterprise Asset Management

Gain an enterprise view of your physical assets, improve your reliability, optimize your spare parts inventory, manage your workforce, and run a lean operation.

For organizations with many high-value physical assets such as buildings, infrastructure, and equipment, failures are disruptive and costly. With an EAM solution, you gain visibility into asset usage and failures. You can extend the useful life of capital equipment, reduce asset-related operating costs, and improve return on asset (ROA) by unifying reliability and maintenance processes across the enterprise.

How Sullexis Can Help

Implement or Upgrade an EAM Solution

An EAM solution provides visibility and control over critical assets that affect compliance, risk, and business performance.  At Sullexis, we have extensive experience in implementing, upgrading and/or consolidating to a single instance of Maximo or SAP-PM. The Sullexis team will partner with you through design, configuration, testing, data migration and training activities for your EAM initiative (for example Maximo, SAP-PM).

Define Your Master Equipment List (MEL), Location Hierarchies, and Spare Parts

Once an EAM solution is implemented, you need to build the data to capture all of your physical assets. These assets should be organized into logical hierarchies and groups with proper classifications around criticality and equipment type and should link the spare parts required to maintain your equipment and optimize your spares inventories. Our team can build Location and Asset hierarchy structures that are based on P&ID data. Sullexis has knowledge in gathering asset data from many historic and unstructured sources to populate the MEL and spare parts data in your system. We know how to link the spares data to your financial systems to integrate purchasing.

Implement Your Reliability and Maintenance (R&M) Strategies

You have a system, and you have the full set of critical physical assets modeled. Now you must implement the maintenance strategies that will increase reliability, enhance predictive maintenance, and ensure regulatory compliance. We have experience in implementing preventive and predictive maintenance strategies across a diverse set of asset types in systems such as Maximo and SAP-PM.