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Big Data

Connect the dots across all of your enterprise data and beyond, gain insight, and see the big picture.

The basic challenge of Analytics hasn’t changed: Get the right information to the right people at the right time. However, there are more sources of information than ever before.  Aggregate and evaluate your volumes of data to discover new insights, make better decisions, and optimize processes.

How Sullexis Can Help

Design and Implement Big Data Infrastructure

Big data solutions need to work within existing corporate infrastructures. Sullexis has the expertise and capability to help with software selection and technical design of big data solutions. We are experts in traditional analytics tools and can ensure that your big data infrastructure is integrated and compatible with the analytics already in place.

Design and Build Data Ingestion, Analytics, and Visualizations

Although the big data tools can handle the variety and volume of big data, there is substantial work required to ingest, link, match, and cleanse the data to enable relationships and hierarchies. Sullexis has experience in data ingestion and processing information into big data platforms. We can reconcile data models from many source systems and formats and develop analytics and visualizations to get the value from your data.

Provide Data Engineering Expertise

Working in a big data landscape requires specific skills, knowledge, and experience with tools such as MapR and Cloudera.  Our experienced professionals are prepared to get your big data strategy and systems up and running.