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Sullexis to present at Amazon Web Services event in Houston

Tim Morgan and Bhaskar Nag will be presenting at an Amazon Web Services (AWS) event in Houston on February 27, 2019. They will be presenting the topic “Driving operational efficiency, equipment reliability and safety using big data technologies.”

Please join them to learn how an Oil and Gas client has implemented use cases including:

  • Executive KPI dashboards, Financial and Operational metrics and trend visualization with an integrated Data Lake, aggregating information from cloud-hosted ERP, Work Management, HR and EHS systems
  • Real-time ingestion of equipment monitoring data for historian function with enrichment, standardization and streaming out to various internal and external subscribers
  • Visualization triggers on an Operations Dashboard for Alerts, Interventions and real-time data anomalies (e.g. tubing leaks, pressure differentials)
  • Data Science advanced analytics for Predictive Maintenance and minimized NPT (non-productive time)

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