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Sullexis combines real-world insight, management expertise, and an understanding of what a business needs to succeed.

We are attuned to the challenges facing organizations in a variety of industries and understand the constant pressure to improve business processes and make better decisions. But beyond that, we have a passion for technology. Using that passion, we help our clients use proven technology coupled with our real-world knowledge to accelerate and improve the flow of data and information and improve productivity. The technical improvements we provide equip our customers to make the best business decisions possible. Helping our clients unleash the power of their data is our focus.

We Make Information Useful

For all of our clients, as well as in our own business, we are constantly looking at ways in which technology can accelerate performance, eliminate inefficiencies, and improve decision making. Technology by itself accomplishes very little. We match our technological method with knowledge of what makes businesses succeed, how your business processes work from beginning to end, and what they are meant to accomplish.

Industry Expertise with
Real World Experience

We have developed extensive industry domain expertise in Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, and High-Tech. Often times, the business problems that are identified by our clients are problems our staff has faced and solved for other customers across multiple companies and industries. This gives us the unique ability to see problems and solutions that often have not been identified by our clients, which steers our customers around unseen obstacles and allows us to deploy solutions based on real life experience. Our comprehension of the nuances faced within these industry verticals enables our clients to achieve superior results.

Whether you are looking for a partner, a solution, or a career, we would love to hear from you.