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Enterprise Data Strategy

Define your strategy, master your data, achieve a Golden Source, implement a sustainable governance process, and give your business a consistent view of your most important information assets.

The data that drives your operations and fuels the core of your business lives across many systems. This critical data that is spread amongst many repositories will not be uniformly standardized, managed, and maintained, which makes a consolidated, consistent view impossible. It is important to have a single view of your key entities, such as customers, prospects, employees, suppliers, and products, to gain an enterprise perspective of where you stand and where you are headed. You need to master your data to support business planning and drive product strategy, marketing effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

How Sullexis Can Help


An MDM solution will equip you with the technology and processes to drive data consistency and standardization. We can assess your current MDM challenges and recommend a solution comprised of technology and process changes.

Implementation and Data Integration

Once you have defined your strategy, you need to implement the technology solution. The Sullexis team is experienced with the leading MDM platforms and has cross-industry and cross-domain experience in adopting and defining data standards and integrations. We can help with software selection, technical design, implementation, and data integration of MDM solutions.

Data Governance

Your existing data has been migrated and integrated into your MDM solution, but that data is not perfect. The goal of MDM is to modify and correct the data. Robust and extensive processes are required to gather, cleanse, conform, reconcile, validate, authorize, and publish the approved master data. These processes need to support ownership of the data by the business, with IT as custodian. We partner with your IT and business teams to define the roles and responsibilities for data ownership and governance. We will train and equip these business teams for their new roles as data stewards.