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Enterprise Data Strategy

Accelerate your journey to becoming a data driven organization by defining and implementing the right data strategy.

The data that drives your operations and fuels the core of your business is growing exponentially and lives across many systems (ex. Peloton, OpenWells, Maximo, SAP, Enertia, Quorum, etc.). You need a single view of your key entities, across your well lifecycle and functions, such as Well Header (name, location, status), vendors, suppliers, D&C ops, and production, to gain an enterprise perspective of where you stand and where you are headed.

How Sullexis Can Help

Develop Your Enterprise Data Strategy

You need a clear vision, strategy, and roadmap for becoming a data-driven organization. Sullexis can bring its Upstream Oil and Gas industry and data management experience to help you create

  • An Information Framework that will support your business’ and data management needs
  • A Data Strategy that provides leading practices in establishing the Information Framework
  • An Implementation Roadmap identifying the initiatives to implement the Information Framework and includes an initial set of Upstream data accelerators to get started.

Implementation and Data Integration

Once you have defined your data strategy, you need to implement the supporting technology solution and associated process changes to optimize production & supply chain. Sullexis is experienced with the leading data quality and management platforms and big data solutions (ex. Informatica, Profisee, MapR, Cloudera, etc.) and has deep Upstream Oil and Gas Industry and cross-domain experience in adopting and defining data standards and integrations. Sullexis can help with data quality and management solution selection, design, implementation, and integration to support well data management functions from planning, production maintenance, well workover prioritizations, through to reclamation and remediation.

Sullexis uses an iterative implementation approach, that starts with a minimum viable product (MVP) release that allows your organization to see demonstrable benefits (e.g. Daily Operational Reporting, Well Status, Non-Productive Time) from the very first release which builds on one another with each iterative release thereafter.

Assess, Improve and Sustain Your Data Quality

Your existing data has been migrated and integrated into your upstream data management solution, but that data is not perfect and continues to evolve. Robust processes are required to gather, cleanse, conform, reconcile, validate, authorize, and publish the approved master data. These processes need to support ownership of the data by the business, with IT as custodian, at each of the stages throughout the well lifecycle. Sullexis partners with your IT and business teams to define the roles and responsibilities for data ownership and governance. We will train and equip these business teams for their new roles as data stewards.

If you are looking for a way to get started, Sullexis has a quick-starter program that leverages Informatica Intelligent Data Quality (IDQ) to identify your current data quality challenges and quickly implement a data quality process, system and dashboard to support continual improvement of data quality in a sustainable fashion.