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A Cost Effective Approach to Verify and Cleanse your Address Data

Health Insurance Companies are using Profisee Master Data Maestro’s Address Verification Strategy capability to identify and improve their address data quality. Maestro’s address verification can provide the following important steps: Validation: Is the address valid and does it actually exist? Completion: What data is missing? Complete the address Standardization: Uniform abbreviation and spelling so that all of the addresses are in a consistent format. Geocoding: Where is the address? Provides exact location latitude/longitude coordinates. This…

Oscar Ibarra

Identifying the Value of Master Data

Previously, I’d talked about creating data as part of a data migration project in order to ensure that the, newer, target system had sufficient data in order to operate efficiently. Well now that this system is operational, a significant part of the new system’s business case is not being realized and it appears that insufficient master data is a major part of the problem. In fact, with the new workflow to help drive compliance, this…

Tim Morgan

You might be in the Data Migration Business but to be Successful you may need to be in the Data Creation Business Too

To be successful with a data migration project, whether migrating data from one system to another or even a version upgrade, you’ll need to adhere to best practices that are well documented for such a project, e.g. source system exploration, data assessment and profiling, migration design and build, etc. (This SAS white paper provides a good data migration overview: Enhancing Your Chance for Successful Data Migration.). Typically, data migration is not just dependent on Extract,…

Tim Morgan