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A Cloud Based SaaS Application can Work for a Fortune 500 Organization

February 5, 2015

Recently, we helped a client implement a solution by using a Cloud based software as a service (SaaS) application. Our client is a Fortune 500 Oil and Gas organization. Globally, they have deployed IBM Maximo for Enterprise Asset Management and rely on SAP for Materials Management. One region within this global organization needed to track specialized equipment inventory. The lack of an IT solution was incurring significant costs for the organization. The efficiencies that could…

5 Highlights from the 2015 Mountain West Maximo User Group Winter Meeting

January 13, 2015

1. It doesn’t matter if you use Maximo or not: User groups are about maintenance. It doesn’t really matter if you are using Maximo, SAP, MP2 or any other CMMS system, the focus of the user group has been, is and will continue to be maintenance centric and open to new ideas, solutions, and practices. For example, at this year’s event there were people who were using Maximo, people in the middle of a Maximo…

Javier Ramirez

Three Things I Learned from the 2014 GOMaximo Conference

November 1, 2014

“This is the place to be,” were the first words I heard when walking through the lobby for the 2014 GOMaximo conference in Houston. I, myself, said these same words to multiple people I met at the conference who were either new to Maximo or planning on implementing Maximo. For anyone that is not aware, GOMaximo is the Oil and Gas Maximo user group that allows sectors like Exploration, Production, Pipeline, Transportation, Chemicals, Drilling, and…

Javier Ramirez

You might be in the Data Migration Business but to be Successful you may need to be in the Data Creation Business Too

April 1, 2014

To be successful with a data migration project, whether migrating data from one system to another or even a version upgrade, you’ll need to adhere to best practices that are well documented for such a project, e.g. source system exploration, data assessment and profiling, migration design and build, etc. (This SAS white paper provides a good data migration overview: Enhancing Your Chance for Successful Data Migration.). Typically, data migration is not just dependent on Extract,…

Tim Morgan