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Big Data – Prevention is Better than Cure

As the Big Data buzz continues to grow, so does the number of use cases being considered, tested, and implemented. Jason Hiner’s recent article on ZDNET, “Big Data’s biggest problem: It’s too hard toget the data in,” echoes our biggest challenges in successfully delivering a Big Data solution; data governance and data quality. Jason Hiner defines Big Data as “the marriage of structured data (your company’s proprietary information) with unstructured data (public sources such as…

Tim Morgan

Automating IHS Oil and Gas Production Data Downloads and Other Travels

Creating a data extractor is usually simple in the mind of a developer, although in reality it’s usually not so simple. Data extraction as a concept is fairly straightforward: Get the data from A and copy it to destination B. However, as most developers know, the devil is in the detail. Whenever a data company, such as IHS, has a large data set and a complex set of rules to access the data required to…

Javier Zepeda

In Big Data, Preparing the Data is Most of the Work

A common misconception about Big Data is that it is a black box: you load data and magically gain insight. This is not the case. As this New York Times article “For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights” describes, loading a big data platform with quality data with enough structure to deliver value is a lot of work. Data scientist spend a comparatively large amount of time in the data preparation phase…

Tim Morgan, Abel Morelos, Angela Holmes

Predixion 3.0

I’ve just returned from a trip to Predixion Software‘s technical HQ in Redmond where I got a sneak preview of the newest release of their predictive analytics toolset – and it’s impressive! The previous release was very much focused on scoring predictive models against huge datasets,with integration to Apache Mahout, the native Hadoop predictive algorithm library, in order to enable Predixion to ride the big-data wave that seems to be all the rage at the…

Tim Morgan