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Data Migration? A walk in the park after a long bus ride!

Over the years Sullexis has prided itself on the successful delivery of many data migration projects. With our teams’ experience, our methodology and supporting tools we are confident that we have the capability to deliver. Having said that, the biggest critical success factor on a data migration project is always our client’s business team engagement and support of the migration (a fact backed up by Phillip Howard’s paper for Bloor Research – Data Migration. At…

Tim Morgan

Automating IHS Oil and Gas Production Data Downloads and Other Travels

Creating a data extractor is usually simple in the mind of a developer, although in reality it’s usually not so simple. Data extraction as a concept is fairly straightforward: Get the data from A and copy it to destination B. However, as most developers know, the devil is in the detail. Whenever a data company, such as IHS, has a large data set and a complex set of rules to access the data required to…

Javier Zepeda

You might be in the Data Migration Business but to be Successful you may need to be in the Data Creation Business Too

To be successful with a data migration project, whether migrating data from one system to another or even a version upgrade, you’ll need to adhere to best practices that are well documented for such a project, e.g. source system exploration, data assessment and profiling, migration design and build, etc. (This SAS white paper provides a good data migration overview: Enhancing Your Chance for Successful Data Migration.). Typically, data migration is not just dependent on Extract,…

Tim Morgan