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Advice from SPTechCon: Move to the Cloud and No Cat Pictures

Last month, the SPTechCon was held for the first time in Austin, Texas. It was a particularly timely conference, in that the user community had a lot of questions about where SharePoint and Office 365 are heading. The conference presented an opportunity to listen to a number of interesting and valuable presentations from thought leaders in the SharePoint community. Arpen Shaw, the Senior Director of Technical Product Management for Microsoft office 365, presented the Keynote…

Randy Riggs

Automating IHS Oil and Gas Production Data Downloads and Other Travels

Creating a data extractor is usually simple in the mind of a developer, although in reality it’s usually not so simple. Data extraction as a concept is fairly straightforward: Get the data from A and copy it to destination B. However, as most developers know, the devil is in the detail. Whenever a data company, such as IHS, has a large data set and a complex set of rules to access the data required to…

Javier Zepeda

7 ways Big Data can help your BI solution

Big Data continues to be the buzzword du jour. And as with most popular concepts espoused by everyone from marketers and consultants to purveyors of software and infrastructure, the phrase can mean different things to different people. For us at Sullexis, we think of Big Data as a set of technologies that enable our clients to consume and process high volumes and/or diverse types of information. But our clients need ROI. Neither access to a…

Hector Monsivais, Angela Holmes