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7 ways Big Data can help your BI solution

February 5, 2014

Big Data continues to be the buzzword du jour. And as with most popular concepts espoused by everyone from marketers and consultants to purveyors of software and infrastructure, the phrase can mean different things to different people. For us at Sullexis, we think of Big Data as a set of technologies that enable our clients to consume and process high volumes and/or diverse types of information. But our clients need ROI. Neither access to a…

Hector Monsivais, Angela Holmes

Use MDM Solutions to Clean Up your Transactional Data

February 1, 2014

Your Challenge in Maintaining and Processing Transactional Data Many organizations have challenges around managing significant volumes of transactional data. The transactional data often is core to the business to support billing/invoicing, sales, customer service and operations. Manipulation of the transactional data is often necessary to make it useful. Applying business process automation to this data often requires the development of custom applications to enforce and apply complex business rules. The very large volume that characterizes…

Oscar Ibarra

Your custom MDM solution: Don’t make these mistakes (Part 1)

January 29, 2014

Most MDM implementations will be based on a commercial software product.  By relying on a packaged solution, the architectural considerations have been addressed by the software vendor, allowing the project team to focus on the data management considerations.  However, there are cases when a custom MDM solution may be needed.  When proceeding down the path of custom development for MDM, we have some advice for you: avoid these common mistakes. The Case for Multi-Data-Domain MDM…

Artemio Mendoza