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Three Things I Learned from the 2014 GOMaximo Conference

“This is the place to be,” were the first words I heard when walking through the lobby for the 2014 GOMaximo conference in Houston. I, myself, said these same words to multiple people I met at the conference who were either new to Maximo or planning on implementing Maximo. For anyone that is not aware, GOMaximo is the Oil and Gas Maximo user group that allows sectors like Exploration, Production, Pipeline, Transportation, Chemicals, Drilling, and…

Javier Ramirez

Big Data: The Plateau of Productivity is Coming Soon

Gartner’s most recent hype cycle report (“Gartner’s 2014 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies” suggested that Big Data was heading into the “Trough of Disillusionment” before reaching the “Productivity Plateau” in 5-10 years time. This is not unusual for a new technology. However, based on a growing body of evidence I don’t believe that it will take 5-10 years from now for Big Data technologies to make that journey. Data Tactics [link] first deployed the…

Tim Morgan

World NOC Congress – The Mexican Energy Reform

At the end of September, I attended the World National Oil Company (NOC) Congress in Cancun, Mexico. The host of the event was PEMEX, who set the theme as “Building the energy partnerships of tomorrow”. The attendance at this year’s event was spectacular (500+), including CEOs and top-level executives of Operators and Service companies from around the world. The sizeable attendance and the energy of the attendees was driven by the changing energy landscape in…

Alejandro Del Palacio

To build a MEL, you need a Private Detective

Over the past six months we have been working with the reliability and maintenance organization within a large oil and gas client to build out their Master Equipment List (MEL). Like many asset-intensive organizations, they have implemented an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tool to give them visibility and control over their capital equipment to optimize their maintenance strategies, reduce operating costs, and better manage their workforce and spare parts inventories. The challenge is that the…

Angela Holmes

Temporal Databases: Why you should care and how to get started (Part 1 of 3)

What is a temporal database? A temporal database is a database with built-in support for handling data involving time. This definition is from Wikipedia. It is simple and straightforward. Since we expect every database to have some kind of support for time operations, we could say that all databases are temporal databases based on this definition. The reality is a lot more subtle and complex. Temporal databases enable you to see the data as it…

Abel Morelos, Angela Holmes

Identifying the Value of Master Data

Previously, I’d talked about creating data as part of a data migration project in order to ensure that the, newer, target system had sufficient data in order to operate efficiently. Well now that this system is operational, a significant part of the new system’s business case is not being realized and it appears that insufficient master data is a major part of the problem. In fact, with the new workflow to help drive compliance, this…

Tim Morgan

Predixion 3.0

I’ve just returned from a trip to Predixion Software‘s technical HQ in Redmond where I got a sneak preview of the newest release of their predictive analytics toolset – and it’s impressive! The previous release was very much focused on scoring predictive models against huge datasets,with integration to Apache Mahout, the native Hadoop predictive algorithm library, in order to enable Predixion to ride the big-data wave that seems to be all the rage at the…

Tim Morgan

You might be in the Data Migration Business but to be Successful you may need to be in the Data Creation Business Too

To be successful with a data migration project, whether migrating data from one system to another or even a version upgrade, you’ll need to adhere to best practices that are well documented for such a project, e.g. source system exploration, data assessment and profiling, migration design and build, etc. (This SAS white paper provides a good data migration overview: Enhancing Your Chance for Successful Data Migration.). Typically, data migration is not just dependent on Extract,…

Tim Morgan

The Big Data Yawn

Over the past couple of months we have met with a number of oil and gas executives to demonstrate our Oil and Gas Solution built on Data-Tactics’ Big Data Engine (BDE). During these conversations it has become obvious that the very mention of “Big Data” produces an involuntary physiological response among business leaders – eye rolls and yawns. It appears that big data has reached the Gartner “trough of disillusionment”. These executives have heard from…

Tim Morgan