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The Sullexis Blog

Cyber Wargames – Corporate Policy or XBOX Title?

June 28, 2016

The use of military analogies in cyber security is often overdone. That isn’t to say that working on security day in and day out doesn’t sometimes feel like a battle is being waged. There is one bit of military-esque terminology that probably should be used more, not less: Wargames. Using a term like Wargames lends some gravitas to an often-overlooked need in security practices and IT in general: the need to take all your plans…

We did it! Or did we? The Importance of Pen Testing

June 15, 2016

You’ve spent time creating a comprehensive security strategy, and as you begin implementation, the alerts from your SIEM solution are drastically decreasing. From a security standpoint, everything is looking great! Or is it? If you or, more importantly, outside vendors haven’t tested your solution, then are you really more protected or just missing the right indicators? For you and your company to be confident in the solution you’ve put hours and hard work into, validation…