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Partly Cloudy with a Scattered IT Environment: Clear Benefits in using Informatica Cloud Solutions with Information Governance Methodology to brighten your Operational workday

How many times, when you were a kid, did a thunderstorm cause an immediate mix of emotions: the fear of the continuous boom of the thunder as the clouds rolled in, the calming sensation of the smell of fresh water in the breeze and wind, and the awe and wonder as the lighting streaked through the sky?  For many of us, the mention of the words Data Governance can have the same effect: awe and…

Matt Becker

Data Enrichment Armed with a VIN

At Sullexis, we are constantly faced with data cleansing and enrichment challenges. The ability to identify missing data, enrich partially complete data, and standardize/clean dirty data is critical to any data migration effort, business intelligence project, or in the tune-up of core ERP functionality.We often get questions about sharing some of our favorite data identification techniques that save time and money, and want to share two of them here: interrogating drawing files (*DWG) files to…

Tim Morgan

Big Data – Prevention is Better than Cure

As the Big Data buzz continues to grow, so does the number of use cases being considered, tested, and implemented. Jason Hiner’s recent article on ZDNET, “Big Data’s biggest problem: It’s too hard toget the data in,” echoes our biggest challenges in successfully delivering a Big Data solution; data governance and data quality. Jason Hiner defines Big Data as “the marriage of structured data (your company’s proprietary information) with unstructured data (public sources such as…

Tim Morgan

A Cost Effective Approach to Verify and Cleanse your Address Data

Health Insurance Companies are using Profisee Master Data Maestro’s Address Verification Strategy capability to identify and improve their address data quality. Maestro’s address verification can provide the following important steps: Validation: Is the address valid and does it actually exist? Completion: What data is missing? Complete the address Standardization: Uniform abbreviation and spelling so that all of the addresses are in a consistent format. Geocoding: Where is the address? Provides exact location latitude/longitude coordinates. This…

Oscar Ibarra

Identifying the Value of Master Data

Previously, I’d talked about creating data as part of a data migration project in order to ensure that the, newer, target system had sufficient data in order to operate efficiently. Well now that this system is operational, a significant part of the new system’s business case is not being realized and it appears that insufficient master data is a major part of the problem. In fact, with the new workflow to help drive compliance, this…

Tim Morgan

You might be in the Data Migration Business but to be Successful you may need to be in the Data Creation Business Too

To be successful with a data migration project, whether migrating data from one system to another or even a version upgrade, you’ll need to adhere to best practices that are well documented for such a project, e.g. source system exploration, data assessment and profiling, migration design and build, etc. (This SAS white paper provides a good data migration overview: Enhancing Your Chance for Successful Data Migration.). Typically, data migration is not just dependent on Extract,…

Tim Morgan

Your custom MDM solution: Don’t make these mistakes (Part 3)

This is the third article in a series by Artemio Mendoza (Sullexis Technical Director) and Angela Holmes. The first article is available here. The second article is available here. Most MDM solutions will be based on a packaged software product. However, there are cases when a custom solution is needed. For those pursuing a custom path, we have advice for you: don’t make these common mistakes. Wanted: A Single Source of Truth Many organizations embark…

Artemio Mendoza, Angela Holmes

Your custom MDM solution: Don’t make these mistakes (Part 2)

This is the second article in a series by Artemio Mendoza (Sullexis Technical Director) and Angela Holmes (Sullexis Senior Consultant) . The first article is available here. Most MDM solutions will be based on a packaged software product. However, there are cases when a custom solution is needed. If you choose to build instead of buy, we have advice for you: don’t make these common mistakes. DWH and BI Challenges Create the Need for MDM Most organizations…

Artemio Mendoza, Angela Holmes

Use MDM Solutions to Clean Up your Transactional Data

Your Challenge in Maintaining and Processing Transactional Data Many organizations have challenges around managing significant volumes of transactional data. The transactional data often is core to the business to support billing/invoicing, sales, customer service and operations. Manipulation of the transactional data is often necessary to make it useful. Applying business process automation to this data often requires the development of custom applications to enforce and apply complex business rules. The very large volume that characterizes…

Oscar Ibarra