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A Common Data Language in a Multi-lingual Upstream Well Life Cycle:

February 10, 2018

We all know it’s true…if you ask your well planners, reservoir engineers, upstream finance managers, drilling techs, completions engineers, production ops managers, sub-surface analysts, or your land admins, “What is a well?” …every one of them will give you a different answer.  The challenge is…. they are all correct!  Each of the professionals mentioned engages in different stages of the well life cycle and so all of them could be correct, based on where they…

How to Standardize an Offshore Drilling Rig Asset Hierarchy to Improve Data Quality and Accuracy

January 10, 2018

Benefits of Standardizing Drilling Hierarchies A complete and accurate asset hierarchy is essential in maintaining an up-to-date representation of a drilling rig, and business advantages are realized when a hierarchical structure is developed. A correct hierarchy enhances various initiatives and tasks that are performed by narrowing analysis down to the functional location. Such initiatives include Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) as well as Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Work Management activities are also positively influenced…

Partly Cloudy with a Scattered IT Environment: Clear Benefits in using Informatica Cloud Solutions with Information Governance Methodology to brighten your Operational workday

June 19, 2017

How many times, when you were a kid, did a thunderstorm cause an immediate mix of emotions: the fear of the continuous boom of the thunder as the clouds rolled in, the calming sensation of the smell of fresh water in the breeze and wind, and the awe and wonder as the lighting streaked through the sky?  For many of us, the mention of the words Data Governance can have the same effect: awe and…

Matt Becker

Data Migration? A walk in the park after a long bus ride!

May 16, 2017

Over the years Sullexis has prided itself on the successful delivery of many data migration projects. With our teams’ experience, our methodology and supporting tools we are confident that we have the capability to deliver. Having said that, the biggest critical success factor on a data migration project is always our client’s business team engagement and support of the migration (a fact backed up by Phillip Howard’s paper for Bloor Research – Data Migration. At…

Tim Morgan

Data Enrichment Armed with a VIN

August 16, 2016

At Sullexis, we are constantly faced with data cleansing and enrichment challenges. The ability to identify missing data, enrich partially complete data, and standardize/clean dirty data is critical to any data migration effort, business intelligence project, or in the tune-up of core ERP functionality.We often get questions about sharing some of our favorite data identification techniques that save time and money, and want to share two of them here: interrogating drawing files (*DWG) files to…

Tim Morgan

Cyber Wargames – Corporate Policy or XBOX Title?

June 28, 2016

The use of military analogies in cyber security is often overdone. That isn’t to say that working on security day in and day out doesn’t sometimes feel like a battle is being waged. There is one bit of military-esque terminology that probably should be used more, not less: Wargames. Using a term like Wargames lends some gravitas to an often-overlooked need in security practices and IT in general: the need to take all your plans…

We did it! Or did we? The Importance of Pen Testing

June 15, 2016

You’ve spent time creating a comprehensive security strategy, and as you begin implementation, the alerts from your SIEM solution are drastically decreasing. From a security standpoint, everything is looking great! Or is it? If you or, more importantly, outside vendors haven’t tested your solution, then are you really more protected or just missing the right indicators? For you and your company to be confident in the solution you’ve put hours and hard work into, validation…

Big Data – Prevention is Better than Cure

April 28, 2016

As the Big Data buzz continues to grow, so does the number of use cases being considered, tested, and implemented. Jason Hiner’s recent article on ZDNET, “Big Data’s biggest problem: It’s too hard toget the data in,” echoes our biggest challenges in successfully delivering a Big Data solution; data governance and data quality. Jason Hiner defines Big Data as “the marriage of structured data (your company’s proprietary information) with unstructured data (public sources such as…

Tim Morgan

Oil Price Crisis in Colombia – Time to streamline processes, drive efficiencies and improve the bottom line

April 13, 2015

Colombia is a country with oil, but it is not typically considered an oil country. Since enacting an energy reform in 2003, Colombia has seen a significant jump in their oil production. In the past ten years, the country has gone from producing 541,000 barrels of oil per day (BOD) to 1,028,500 BOD. This increase in production led Colombia to export around 70% of the oil that was produced in 2013. With much of Colombia’s…

Alejandro Del Palacio